The Progress of Humanity & Consciousness through Time

The Time Machine

The ancient sages have set the foundations. The great minds included below have done the rest. Some have contributed more than others, but they have all had a major impact on their time, and hence on the generations to come.

The Time Machine
is not only showing the progress of humanity, but is itself a work of art in progress.

If you know of someone important to the development of human consciousness who is not yet included, let us know!

Enter the Time Machine of the last 20 centuries, observing the progress of humanity and consciousness through time, specifically through the influence and impact of individual people. Some of these names have become so big in the mean time, that they seem like legends. For some of them, myth and reality intertwined, to shape the 'biographies' and stories we know today.

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Regardless of that, they were only humans - individuals who had a great impact on humanity.

Their existence and achievements only prove that we all have the potential to become legends.

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Time Machine

The great minds are sorted by century, most recent to oldest. Within each century they are sorted by first major accomplishment, from when on they could have had an impact on others, left (beginning of century) to right (end of century).

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Discuss the progress of humanity from ancient times until today, and the personalities
which contributed to the development of human consciousness, as shown in the Time Machine project.

Time Machine

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